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As we all know, business owners are builders. Through hard work and ingenuity, we are willing to take risk because we know how to build a business. It is instinct for the well-equipped entrepreneur. Building a business over the years is like building a bridge; first create the concept and build a strong foundation. 


As a business owner, you have worked hard over the years, many times slaving over your business and missing out on important family and personal events because your business demanded it. And you were happy to do it since you are building something special, something very valuable. 

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Selling your business to “insiders” is far from easy. When considering your business monetization options, one that frequently comes to mind for many business owners is potentially selling the business to non-family-member insiders including minority shareholders, existing or new management, 

Building Your Exit Team

Using a team approach, Clear Advice serves as the facilitator and integrator with the team.

Working with the accountant, attorney, management and other business advisors, our role is to manage the team with the business owner to successfully cross the finish line with maximum value to the owners.

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