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Our Services

Clear Advice Business provides business owners with much-needed clarity via our 3-step exit planning process. We simplify the complex to ensure that the business owner may remain highly focused on executing their business concurrent to executing their exit plan. 

Securing Your Advisory Team

Helping Business owner clients vet and build a highly qualified team, including existing advisors and new advisors that have a track record in exit transactions.

Facilitating the Process

Clear Advice assists our clients with managing the exit process which enables them to exit with maximum value and minimal stress.  We serve as the facilitator of a custom-designed process.


Step 1 - BUILD

Enhancing the value of your business 1-3 years prior to an exit helps increase the sale price. Consider these important value-building services delivered by Clear Advice Business.

Benchmarking Current Business Value

Identify the current value of your business through an ‘informal’ business valuation to benchmark a starting point allowing us to focus on KPI’s.

Determine Value Drivers

Identify/Develop the elements of your business that can drive profits.

Develop Human Capital

Identify/Develop measures of success throughout company departments and create quantitative & qualitative benchmarks that tie into a performance based compensation program to motivate staff.

Brand Enhancement

Enhance brand messaging & strategy, including through digital and social media to leverage reputation and IP.

Step 2 - PROTECT

As you build the value of your business, it is critical that you protect it. Clear Advice Business provides clients with mission-critical strategies that have helped business owners save millions of dollars by protecting business assets several years before an exit.

Tax-Erosion Protection

Through advanced planning techniques and creative strategies such as complex entity structures, special types of trusts, customized benefit plans & value discounting techniques, we aim to save the business owner both income and estate taxes.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Coordinate a strategy to protect the brand, software and unique company processes.

Business Succession Plan

Run a comprehensive succession analysis to ensure company is protected in event of key employee death or disability.  A full review of shareholder and buy-sell agreements, insurances, and creation of business continuity playbook for management/advisors/family.

Key Employee Strategy

Review/Develop creative strategies to ‘lock-in’ key employees, including compensation, performance bonuses, and structured equity plans tied to employment agreements.

Financial Controls

Full Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as well as  preparation of financial controls for future CEO/CFO reviews and due diligence process.



For most business owners, monetization is the most important step in the entire process. Phase 3 explores many different strategies to monetizing business value. Our goal is to maximize value to the client while providing clear advice through our 3-step process. 

Monetize Goodwill

Identify/Quantify components of company’s goodwill to help expand value and increase sale price.

Internal Monetization

Develop/Implement equity transition strategy for minority shareholders, existing or new management, key employees or an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Family Business Legacy

Identify/Evaluate various third party sale options and assist in the due diligence and transaction preparation process.

External Monetization

Evaluate existing Family Business dynamics and create a highly effective succession plan based on capabilities and family goals.

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